Before you go to Russia

Before you go to Russia you should know that..

…Russia has 11 time zones. Check what zone you will be in!

…Russia has recently abolished ‘daylight saving time’. Time never changes!

…it is not safe to drink tap water. Just don’t do it.

…odd number of flowers is for celebratory occasions, even number is for funerals. And yes, the rule is meticulously observed!

…tipping in restaurants is expected, which is done by cash after paying the bill.

…you should hold a valid ID and registration with you all the time (in case of police checks).

…you need your passport to buy a Russian sim card.

…foreigners pay a higher entrance fee at many tourist sites. Yes, a bit unfair.

…most Russians dress up to go to theatre (do the same to fit in).

…majority of Russians are Orthodox Christians.

…you might be denied an entry to a Russian Orthodox church if you are wearing shorts (boys) or a mini-skirt and/or bare shoulders (girls).

…Christmas is celebrated on 7th of January. But New Year is much more important.

…first 8-10 days of January are holidays. They are days off for most people, and banks are closed.

…a lot of Russians observe Lent before Easter. Do not be surprised to see Lent menus everywhere around that time.

…you will need to take off your shoes when entering a Russian home. No exceptions!

…you should never argue with a babushka (just don’t).

…exchange rate has been volatile for the past few years (but to advantage of foreign visitors).

…Russians drive like crazy people. Be careful when crossing the roads!

…unlike in UK, Russians drive on the right side of the road.

…Most shops and restaurants are open till late. A lot of them are even 24/7.

…for emergency you need to call 112, for police – 102, for ambulance – 103 and for fire brigade – 104.

…taking photos of any government buildings and or buildings of military importance is strictly prohibited!

…you will need a European style adaptor (if travelling from the UK)

We hope this was useful!

Team EBC