Best apps to have on your phone for your study-trip to Russia

There are now so many apps that help to make travelling a hassle-free experience! All you need to do is to click and upload the most useful and relevant ones on your smartphone. But which ones are the best to have for your study-trip to Russia?

Google translate

This one is an obvious pick. Speak, snap or type anything in over 100 languages supported by the app, and it will instantly translate it to your preferred language. Snapping is particularly helpful, as the app uses your phone’s camera for an augmented reality translation, and it is an amazing feature when trying to make sense of menus, signs, books and many other things. Google translate will also work offline when you download the required languages. Having said that, we still advise you to practise your Russian as much as possible and not to use the translator too frequently.

Yandex taxi

Yandex has recently bought Uber in Russia. Therefore, whenever you use your Uber app, it will be Yandex taxi collecting you. You can use either apps as there is no difference really. The prices are great as well in comparison to Uber in Europe. Both apps are very helpful: you can contact your driver via messages or calling, track the car’s location, split the fare and securely pay using your debit/credit card (or cash if you wish).

Yandex metro

Yandex again. You just cannot escape it when in Russia! Yandex.metro is a brilliant map. It works offline and will make getting around Moscow and St Petersburg an easy task. The app allows you to find the right route by tapping stations on the map to choose your start and end points, see how much time your underground journey will take and even know which carriage to choose to save time when switching lines.

Google map and Citymapper

Both are excellent to navigate around and find the quickest/easiest route to your destination. You can see how long it will take you to walk, ride a bike, use bus, train, car or combination of public transport to get from A to B. Furthermore, Citymapper offers real-time departure information as well as disruption alerts.


Great to check out the best of everything (cafes, cinemas, hotels, hostels etc.). The app allows you to check customer’s photos (those can be very different from the managers’ ones), read and write reviews, see the star rating and much more.

There are certainly plenty of other useful apps out there you can download. If you get a Russian simcard, make sure to download the provider’s app, for instance. App to find out what time bridges in St Petersburg open up is another good add. If you need to book a table – download Afisha Restaurants app! Any other suggestions from your side?

Team EBC