Coffee places in Moscow

Leaves are falling, days are getting shorter and air is getting colder… We are in the middle of autumn – a season of warm blankets, books, oversized coats and hot coffee! If you are a Moscow-based coffee lover, this blog post is for you! We are about to reveal the best coffee places in town.

Not long ago (in Soviet times), Moscovites were drinking “coffee drink”, which usually consisted of 20-30% of natural ground coffee, to which were added in different proportions ground acorns, chestnuts, chicory, barley, soy, rosehip etc. Sometimes there was no coffee in the “coffee drink” at all! For instance, the infamous “Baltika” coffee drink contained 35% chicory, 35% barley, 20% soy and 10% chestnuts. Then, for a while it was all about instant coffee.

Now, however, Russia’s speciality coffee scene is thriving. You will easily find lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, americano and espressos as well as dairy alternatives virtually everywhere. Furthermore, only in Russia can you find Raf coffee – country’s invention and very popular in Moscow. Raf coffee (or simply Raf) is a steamed mixture of heavy cream, espresso, and sugar. Such rich and calorific drink provides comfort and warmth during cold Russian winters.

So what are the best places for coffee in Moscow?

Кофемания (Coffemania)

Insanely popular chain, famous for its overpriced but ridiculously good coffee. Try their Latte Singapore (expect creamy caramel with lemongrass twist) or Orange Raf (sweet orange-flavoured creamy coffee)! If you are not into sweet-tasting coffee, the place has an extensive menu with more bitter options.

Даблби (Double B)

This one is a veteran of Moscow coffee scene. Reasonably priced and good consistently good quality coffee.

NUDE Coffee and Wine Bar

NUDE is a beloved spot of the fashionable locals, located right in the heart of Patriarch Ponds. Amongst the usual coffee drinks, its serves espresso tonic and Bumble coffee (coffee mixed with fresh orange juice).

I love cake

A place of indulgence and belly-worship. Try their famous unicorn latte!

Skuratov Coffee Roasters

They are the ones who introduced Russia to air latte (cold brew coffee with milk and cream) and nitro-coffee to Russia (cold brew coffee drink enriched with nitrogen).

More great coffee places for you to check out: ABC Coffee Roasters, Coffee & Milk, Surf Coffee, Kofemaus and Делюсь Душой amongst many others.

Enjoy your coffee!

Team EBC