Russian Language Course in Russia

General Russian

General Russian course is ideal for current Russian language students who are planning their year abroad. The course consists of 20 hours/week of Russian classes. Theme-specific courses, intensive courses and one-to-one courses can be added to the General Russian course in the afternoons. Generally, lessons take place in  the morning, allowing you time in the afternoon for extra-curricular activities and to explore your Russian city.

General Russian course is also suitable for those who want to speak Russian, learn basic Russian words and phrases, or already speak Russian fluently and wish to refresh your language skills. The duration of the course depends on your aims and the school/university. This course is suitable for all levels and ages (minimum age is 16). On your first day, you will take a Russian test and based on your results, you will be placed in a group of students of the same level.

Please note, that if you require a more intensive Russian course, you can opt for the intensive option available at most of our partners.


Our partner schools where you can take a General Russian course:

  1. Lomonosov Moscow State University: One of the top 50 universities worldwide for modern languages according to QS rankings. Students from more than 130 countries have graduated from its excellent Russian Institute of Language and Culture. Famous alumni from the university include: Mikhail Lermontov and Ivan Turgenev.
  2. St. Petersburg State University: Founded in 1724, this is Russia’s oldest university. It is home to the prestigious Russian Language Institute which has over 60 years of experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language. Famous alumni from the university include: Joseph Brodsky and Dmitri Mendeleev.
  3. Kazan Federal University: Influenced by both east and west, this university is one of the best in Russia and offers an excellent Russian Language Institute.
  1. Petrozavodsk State University: The largest educational institution in Northern European Russia, this university offers high quality general Russian courses focussing on conversation skills and grammar.
  2. St. Petersburg State Transport University: One of the oldest and most prestigious transport schools in Russia with a long tradition of teaching Russian language to foreigners.
  3. Liden & Denz (Moscow, St. Petersburg or Riga): Internationally recognised as a world-class training facility; multinational businesses such as Yamaha and Ikea have studied at this school.
  4. Derzhavin Institute, St. Petersburg: A small and friendly school with students from Europe, Asia and the USA. The teachers here have a wealth of experience in teaching Russian.

What We Recommend


1) Take a General Russian course for 1 week to 10 months at St. Petersburg State University. This is an ideal option for students wishing to complete a long-term study programme such as the university ‘year abroad.’

Learn more about studying at St. Petersburg State University by watching these videos:

Video 1

Video 2


2) Two Capitals- Two Universities

Study in both capitals! Take a 3-week course in Lomonosov Moscow State University and 8-day course in St. Petersburg State University! Two schools with classic approaches to teaching the Russian language to foreign students.

The programme “Two Capitals – Two Universities” creates a unique opportunity to take intensive Russian language courses in the two best Russian universities whilst seeing world famous sights located in these two cities.

Since 2005, more than 400 students have taken part in this intensive programme dedicated to Russian language and culture.
The programme includes:

– 100 hours of classes in Moscow and St. Petersburg
– Accommodation in Moscow and St. Petersburg
– 10 excursions
– Flights from Moscow to St. Petersburg

This programme is suitable for students who have been learning Russian for at least 1 year.
The programme takes place in autumn and spring.
Deadline for submitting your application form – mid June.
Programme fee:  $2,300

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