Theme-Specific Russian Courses

Theme-Specific Courses

If you have been learning Russian for some time and your level is no lower than Intermediate, you might consider taking one or more of the Theme-Specific Courses. The idea behind these programmes is to improve your general Russian and give you information related to your field of interest.
Business Russian has always been one of the most popular courses. Students and young professionals with a good command of Russian are welcome to join this course. It is a practical course with a focus on subjects such as telephone and e-mail conversation, negotiation and presentation skills.

You may also opt for cultural or historical courses such as Russian Literature or Russian Folklore.

Teacher training is also available at Petrozavodsk and Kazan Universities. In this course, you will be trained to become a qualified Russian language teacher. A good command of Russian is necessary to be able to participate in this programme.
For closed groups, the universities can prepare a tailor-made programme which will meet your requirements. Individual tuition can be organised in any partner university or school.

Theme-Specific Locations

  1. Kazan Federal University
    Teacher training.
  2. Petrozavodsk State University
    On top of your Russian language studies, you can attend Russian-taught courses for a small additional fee in subjects such as: History of Russian Language, Introduction to Finno-Ugric Studies and Karelian-Finnish Folklore.
  3. Liden & Denz Moscow, St. Petersburg or Riga
    Hotel & Tourism, Airline staff language training, Ski instructor language training, Business Russian, Russian Music and Russian Literature.
  4. Zlatoust Russian language school, St. Petersburg
    Business Russian, Real Estate, Accountancy, Marketing, Russian History, Culture and History of St Petersburg, Toy making, Icon & Soviet Art and Cooking.
  5. Derzhavin Institute, St. Petersburg
    Business Russian, Russian Folklore, Russian Literature, Russian for Tourism, Russian through Film, Russian Culture and Russian Media.

If you need academic and scientific support while you work on your research, take the Academic & Research Programme at Kazan Federal University.
The programme includes both lessons in Russian and classes in the specialisation chosen by the you. Contact us to get more information about research opportunities.

What We Recommend


1) Russian for Specific Purposes at Liden & Denz, St. Petersburg.
Combine group lessons with one-to-one classes in Hospitality, Aviation (suitable for a cabin crew), or Ski Instructor (for those working with Russian clients). These courses are aimed at those working in the above industries.

You can also take courses in Business Russian, Russian Music or Russian Literature, which consist of group lessons and 5 additional classes in one of the aforementioned areas, and which take place twice a week.


2) Delve into the depths of Russian literature at Derzhavin Institute,  St. Petersburg. The course consists of small classes (2-5 students), 10 hours of Literature classes/week. You will cover the works of Alexander Block, Vladimir Mayakovski, Pushkin, Lermantov and many others.

Watch this video where we talk about Theme-Specific programmes and your options.

Contact us to get more information about Theme-Specific Courses and entry requirements.

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