Education phrases, proverbs and quotes

New academic year has commenced! For inspiration (studying is not easy after all), read some of the famous education-related phrases, proverbs and quotes said and written by Russians.

«Ученье- свет, а неученье – тьма» – A Suvorov. English: Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness.

«Век живи – век учись». The origin of this phrase is hard to trace (perhaps, it is not Russian at all!). Nevertheless, it is very popular in Russia. English version: you live and you learn.

«Грызть гранит науки» – comes from the phrase of Trotsky (1922): «Наука не простая вещь, и общественная наука в том числе, — это гранит, и его надо грызть молодыми зубами». English: To bite the granite of science.

«От корки до корки [прочитать книгу – another phrase which origin is hard to trace. English: to read something (usually a book) from cover to cover, thoroughly, without missing any details.

«Повторениемать учения» – Latin proverb: «practise makes perfect». Not Russian, but widely used by everyone in the country.

«Учитесь у всех, не подражайте никому» – M. Gorky. English version: learn from everybody, do not copy anyone.

«Уча других, также учишься» – N. Gogol. English: By teaching others, you learn as well.

«Важно не количество знаний, а качество их. Можно знать очень многое, не зная самого нужного». – L. Tolstoy. English: It is not how much you know that matters, but the quality of this knowledge. You can know a lot without knowing the most necessary things.

«Не нужно доказывать, что образование – самое великое благо для человека. Без образования люди грубы, и бедны и несчастны». – N. Chernyshevsky. English: There is no need to prove that education is the greatest good for man. Without education, people are rude and poor and unhappy.

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