Flowers in Russia

Giving flowers is the best way to express one’s warm feelings, gratitude or congratulations. Everyone loves a fresh beautiful flower bouquet. Yet, no one loves flowers as much as people in Russia.

It might be difficult for a foreigner to understand why flowers and bouquet-giving is such an important aspect of Russian culture – it is just deeply engraved in the Russian mentality.

Basic rules

Yes, there are rules regarding flower-giving to observe:

-One should remember to buy only odd number of flowers. Odd numbers represent a happy occasion, while even numbers are reserved for funerals and sympathy arrangements.

-Red is considered the most classic choice, as it is suitable for any occasion. Avoid yellow flowers – many people think they are bad omen and lead to a break up. White is a safe choice.

Flowers for women

-Love in Russia is strongly associated with flowers. Men often bring flowers to dates and give flowers to women on special occasions. It is not unusual for boyfriends or husbands to pop to a flower shop on the way back from work to surprise their beloved one at home.

– If you are invited to a Russian home, it is good manners to bring a little gift. Often, it is a bouquet of flowers for the lady of the house. Sweets or wine will do as well, of course.


8th of March (International Women’s Day) is huge in Russia. It is a public holiday (!) and a day off. If you are in Russian on that day, you will see hundreds of men purchasing flowers for the women in their lives, rushing around with bouquets…Prices of flowers skyrocket for the holiday, but it does not stop anyone.

Furthermore, one needs to visit a Russian school on 1st of September to understand the sheer importance that flower-giving has in Russia. Hundreds of schoolchildren waiting outside the school for the first bell of the year – all are holding huge bouquets for their teachers. They’re doing this because it is a tradition, and their elder siblings, parents and grandparents have done the same.

All in all – now you have a little more understanding just how much Russian love their flowers!

Team EBC