Moscow theatres

If you are in Moscow, and your Russian allows, do not miss an opportunity to pay a visit to a theatre! Not sure where to go and what to see? Let us tell you about some of the most prominent theatres of the Russian capital!

Большой Театр (Bolshoi Theatre)

London has Royal Opera House, Milan has La Scala, Moscow has its Bolshoi Theatre. If you are lucky enough to grab a ticket to a ballet or opera in Bolshoi, dress up and prepare to be amazed! It is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Малый Театр (Maly Theatre)

If there is a Bolshoi theatre (literally Big Theatre), there should be a Small Theatre! Established in 1906, it is one of the oldest in Moscow and one of the most prestigious. Great for classic plays.

MХАТ им. Чехова (Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre)  this one is particularly popular theatre, famous for its innovative performances from progressive directors and a star-studded troupe. The theatre moved in the building in 1902, and since then Kamergersky pereulok has become one of the centres of theatrical Moscow. Watch out for performances from such widely-acclaimed directors as Kirill Serebrennikov and Konstantin Bogomolov – they are usually a sell-out, and rightly so.

Ленком (Lenkom Theatre) – the official name of what was once known as the Moscow State Theatre named after Lenin’s Komsomol. Initially, actors were people who also worked full time at enterprises and factories, and in the evening they played on stage. For obvious reasons it did not last long, and soon became a professional theatre. Go there to see plays by Gogol, Chekhov, Griboedov, Pushkin or Ostrovsky.

Московская оперетта (Moskovskaya Operetta)a place to see international and Russian musicals! Right now the theatre is showing «Anna Karenina» which supposedly has very good reviews.

Театр им. Вахтангова (Vakhtangov Theatre) elegant theatre located on, perhaps, the most famous pedestrian street in Moscow – Arbat street. A great place to enjoy a variety of Russian and international drama in addition to comedy performances. Amongst popular plays are the ones written by A. Chekhov.

Московский академический театр сатиры (Moscow Satire Theatre). Ready to laugh? You are in the right place!

ГогольЦентр (Gogol Centre) – Russia’s leading avant-garde theatre complex that features movies, music concerts, a discussion club, and performances by Russian and foreign directors on several stages. It is definitely worth visiting! 

Мастерская Петра Фоменко (Masterskaya P. N. Fomenko) – contemporary theatre with a wide selection of innovative and modern works as well as the classics.

Have fun!

Team EBC