My favourite places in Moscow

I love Moscow. It is my second home and I try to visit it as often as I can. It is lovely in every season, be it hot sunny summer, golden autumn, snowy winter or blooming spring. Regardless when you come to the Russian capital, you will never be short of things to see, to do and to experience.

Patriarch Ponds or Patriks (Патриаршие пруды или Патрики)

If you read “The Master and Margarita” by M.A. Bulgakov, you might already be familiar with Patricks. This beautiful centrally-located area has recently become a very fashionable place. There you can find an abundance of trendy places to have a coffee, lunch/brunch and to go out on a Friday night. My personal favourites for a coffee are Nude and Double B (chain), for a relaxing Saturday brunch – Pinch and for atmosphere –  William’s. Best cakes are in I love cake (it is always full!) and the best health shop/place to eat is Gorod Sad (chain). They also do delivery!

Danilovsky market (Даниловский рынок) and more places to eat

Danilovsky market has been recently renovated and it soon became a very trendy place to eat street-food. In a way, it resembles a Borough Market in London but less crowded and under a roof. For an average European tourist, it also serves more exotic food: there you can try delicious national dishes from Ossetia, Georgia, Dagestan and many other places! Check it’s Instagram page to discover this beautiful market!

Another great place for a coffee is chain, available only in Moscow (and Moscow’s airports) is Coffemania (the name speaks for itself!). It is a little pricey, but their Latte Singapore with lemongrass twist is to die for!

Entertainment, parks and shopping

Enough about food. What do I like doing in the city? Theatre night is a must. Not many places in the world have so many such amazing theatres! My personal favourite are Lenkom Theatre (Ленком), Moscow Art Theatre (МХАТ имени А.П. Чехова) and Masterskaya P.N. Fomenko (Мастерская Петра Фоменко). I also enjoy an occasional cinema visit. Sometimes, when I want to see a film in its original language, I would go to Pioner (Пионер). If it is warm, I enjoy strolling down the Gorky Park (Парк Горького). It is also a great place for roller-skating and tasty street-food. Furthermore, ice-skating in winter months there is supposed to be exceptional!  Last year, there was an opening of one more beautiful park – Zaradye (Зарядье), which is already one of Moscovites’ favourite. I am yet to visit it. During Christmas I like visiting GUM (ГУМ), Nikolskya street (Никольская улица) and around Stoleshnikov pereulok (Столешников переулок) to see gorgeous Christmas lights and decorations. As for shopping – Evropeyskiy (Eвропейский) shopping mall has it all.

What are your favourite places in Moscow? Share your experience with us by writing on [email protected]!

Alena from EBC