Russian Body Idioms

Free Russian idioms lesson! If you can master the idioms below, well done to you because this is some advanced Russian. Most likely you have already heard some of them but did not know their meaning. Well, here is your chance to understand them and hopefully include them in your speech.

Phrase Translation to English (literal) Meaning
Пораскинуть мозгами To spread brains To think thoroughly about something
Волосы дыбом [встали] Hair-rising [experience] When one experiences something very frightening
Глаза на лоб полезли Eyes climbed on the forehead When someone is in a state of wonder, bewilderment
Глаза боятся, а руки делают Eyes are afraid but hands are doing the job You never know what you can do until your try
Вешать лапшу на уши To hang noodles on one’s ears To deceive someone
Сидеть на шеи To sit on a neck To be dependent on someone/be a burden to someone
Зубы заговаривать Out-talk [someone] through the teeth To mislead/deceive someone through extraneous conversations
Губа не дура Lip is no fool When someone has a good taste, knows what to choose; chooses the best
Кричать во всю горло/глотку To shout with an open mouth To shout extra loudly
Совать нос в чужие дела To stick nose in someone else’s business To pry; when one does not mind his/her own business
Сердце в пятки ушло Heart went to heals When one gets very scared
Чует мое сердце Feels my heart When one suspects something
Праздник живота A celebration for the stomach When there a s lot of tasty but [usually] unhealthy food
Пальчики оближешь To lick fingers When food is extremely tasty
Печенкой чую To smell/feel with a liver When one has a gut instinct about something
Встать не с той ноги To get up from a wrong foot When one is in a bad mood
Мурашки по коже Goosebumps on skin When one is very scared/frightened or excited
Мизинца не стоить Not to be worth a little finger Not to be worth someone/something; When one is insignificant compared to something/someone
Плешь проесть To eat out a bald patch To tire someone with stories or requests
Кусать себе локти To bite your elbows To regret a lot about something e.g. about a missed opportunity
Ноги от ушей Legs from the ears Very long legs
Попа слипнется Bottom stick together When one eats a lot of very sweet stuff (desserts)

So… Have you ever heard any of the above idioms and phrases? Do use them to sound more Russian!

Team EBC