Russian Fashion Designers

World-renowned high end designers or young, trendy and affordable fashion brands… Russia has it all! Here are some notable examples.

Valentin Yudashkin

Created in 1991, Valentin Yudashkin is a synonym of glamour and high fashion as it is, undoubtedly, Russia’s most famous fashion brand. Yudashkin is a member in the Syndicate of High Fashion in Paris, the Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation and a National Artist of Russia. In the past, he designed the uniforms for Aeroflot, major Russian national airline, the Russian Army and Russia’s Olympic team.

The newest collections are presented in Paris during the Fashion Week twice a year.

Ulyana Sergeenko

It is hard to ignore the contribution of Ulyana Sergeenko to Russia’s fashion revolution.

Sergeenko’s love of fashion has been an integral part of her life, even in ascetic Soviet Union, where fashion was almost non-existent. Following her marriage to billionaire oligarch Danil Khachaturov, Sergeenko became a key couture client of Valentino, Givenchy, Dior and other high end designers. That is when she was properly introduced to the fashion industry and became a member of the Russian fashion pack, or the ‘Czarinas’ as they came to be known.

In 2011, three  years after getting married, Sergeenko launched her own fashion brand. It was a huge success. Now she has an array of celebrity fans including Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman.

Alexander Terekhov

A graduate of the Moscow Institute of Fashion and Design, Alexander Terekhov, has gained experience working in Yves Saint Laurent fashion house in Paris. Terekhov has launched his brand in 2007, and its popularity has grown exponentially ever since. He is most famous for his dresses that express a sensual femininity and elegance.


12Storeez is a creation of twin sisters, Marina and Irina Golomazdiny, who opened a little factory in the Ural region about 7 years ago. Now the brand has dozens of stores operating across the country. The main hits include cashmere jumpers and trousers, alpaca coats and perfect jeans.


Created by Denis Shevchenko, a big fan of Scandinavian and Korean fashion, Gate31 is a brand in a laconic northern style. Its minimalist clothes can be ideally assembled in a capsule wardrobe. The main hits include unisex shirts, loose-fitting suits, midi dresses and dusty pastel tops. Recently, the brand has added outfits for special occasions and shoes.

I am Studio

I am Studio is another young and trendy Russian brand. It is famous for its ideally tailored timeless coats, skirts and trousers with a perfect fit.  All items of the brand, that calls itself “affordable luxury”, are made of high-quality European fabrics on the Russian high-tech factories.

All in all, we haven’t even scratch s surface of worthy Russian designers! Also make a note of Alena Akhmadullina, Gosha Rubchinsky, Vika Gazinskaya and such brands as Askent, NNedre, Ashatava, PE for Girls and Siamm Siamm amongst many others!

Team EBC