Russian TV shows

Russian TV can be real fun to watch. Ranging from sitcoms, talk-shows, reality TV shows to romcoms and travel shows, there is so much to choose from! What is worth watching, though?

Evening Urgant (Вечерний Ургант)

Evening Urgant is a Russian late-night talk show hosted by Ivan Urgant (famous TV personality in Russia) on Channel One (Первый канал). It is very similar in style to American late-night shows such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon or The Graham Norton Show. The show is one of its kind on Russian TV and airs 4 times a week. Apart from Russian celebrity guests, whenever there is a big movie premiere, and the Hollywood actors come to Moscow on a promo tour, they also attend the show.

Comedy Club (Комеди Клаб)

The most recognizable comedy show in Russia (if we do not count in slightly outdated KVN: Club of Funny and Inventive). Being released every Friday night, its witty humour concerns modern life and comic situations.

Oryol I Reshka – Eagle and Tails (Орел и решка)

Orel I Reshka is an entertainment show about travelling. Every weekend, two presenters travel to different countries/regions/cities of the world. According to the rules of the program, one gets just $100 to spend on accommodation, food and entertainment during the weekend, whilst the other person has unlimited funds (he/she gets a “golden” bank card). To decide who gets the card and who gets $100 note, the presenters flip a coin upon arrival to their new destination, and everything is decided by the eagle or tails.  

During the program, viewers learn about the main sights and history of the place visited by hosts, fun facts and cost of services.

Other TV shows worth noting include comedy series Kitchen (Кухня), Fizruk (Физрук) and Interns (Интерны). Kitchen is a charming comedy about funny and absurd events that unfold in a fictional restaurant in Moscow, whereas Interns will remind English-speaking viewers of either Dr. House or Scrubs. Finally, Fizruk is a hilarious sitcom about and ex-criminal who finds himself working as a physical education teacher.

The Voice (Голос)

The Voice is an immensely popular Russian singing competition series that broadcast on Channel One. Based on the original The Voice of Holland, it shows aspiring singers, from children to elderly, competing in their ability to sing.

There are many other great shows that are out there and could be worth watching. It all comes down to individual preferences and taste.


Team EBC