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EBC Consultancy is a London-based education agency specialising in organising study trips to Russia and Ukraine.
We are partnered with leading Russian universities and language schools in Moscow, St Petersburg and other Russian cities as well as in Ukraine.

Our partners offer high quality Russian language courses of any duration, Theme-Specific courses and bespoke packages for individuals and groups.

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Most importantly, EBC Consultancy always takes an individual approach to each client, providing excellent support throughout the whole study process, from course booking to course completion.

Why You Should Learn Russian


Russian is becoming more and more important in today’s world, even if it might seem like a difficult language to learn. More people are choosing to learn the language than ever before. There are several reasons why someone would take on this challenge.

It might be for personal improvement or a desire to read Russian literature in its original language. It might be to further your possibilities in the workplace, or perhaps it is simply a love of the way the Russian language sounds.

There are also more global reasons for why you would choose to learn Russian in Russia. Firstly, the world has become a smaller place meaning that good intercultural communication skills are a highly valued asset in the workplace; many companies today require Russian speakers to further their trading possibilities. Also, having a unique skill such as speaking Russian allows you to stand out from the rest.

Why You Should Learn Russian


It’s one of the top 10 most popular languages in the world

In today’s world Russian is becoming increasingly useful and sought after. Alongside French and Spanish, Russian is now also a key player in the global markets.

Become immersed in the culture and way of life

Studying Russian in Russia will allow you to live, speak and breathe the Russian culture and its way of life, ensuring that your study-trip is a lot more than simply learning a language.


Study with students from more than 50 countries

Gain a truly multi-cultural experience by studying Russian with students from all over the world. As well improving your Russian, you will have gained international friends.


Absorb new vocabulary by just walking down the street

Living in Russia will require you to push your boundaries and explore your personality. You will communicate, read, write and live in Russian. These skills will be with you forever.

Do you want to learn Russian in Russia? This is what you need to do.

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